Once Accepted

Below is a list of resources and documents that you’ll need to complete once you have been accepted into the program.
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Things to Do Once Accepted into a UMAIE Course (2017)

Once Accepted Steps 2017 (PDF)

This document provides a step-by-step process for you to complete once you have been accepted into a UMAIE course.

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Withdrawals and Refunds (2017)

  • The full deposit amount is refunded for students withdrawing on or before 4:00 PM on September 15, 2016.
  • The full deposit amount is non-refundable for students who withdraw between September 16 and October 1, 2016.
  • A refund for cancellations occurring after October 1, 2016 is based upon recoverable costs. The ENTIRE COURSE COST may be forfeited.
  • If cancellation occurs 30 days or less prior to departure, there will be no refund. Trip cancellation insurance is recommended for students with pre-existing medical conditions. This insurance must be purchased at the time of application. Please discuss this with your Campus UMAIE Board Member.
  • If a course price increases by more than 6% over the highest price in the range (due to general inflation or lower enrollment) a student may cancel without penalty.
  • No refund is given to students who wish to omit portions of the course.

Cancellation Form 2017 (PDF)

Cancellation Form

The file attached is the form required if you need to cancel your enrollment in a UMAIE course.

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Course Cancellation by UMAIE (2017)

During the year, UMAIE may need to cancel a course. Events that could cause UMAIE to cancel a course include:
• Low enrollment
• Faculty withdrawl
• Travel warnings issued by the U.S. Department of State

If a course is cancelled by UMAIE, all fees that can be recovered will be refunded.

Flight Deviations (2017)

Course prices are based on group air arrangements. The air carrier may assess a service fee for individual changes. Not all airlines allow deviations on group reservations. In addition to the airline service fee(s), an additional fee must be paid to Seminars International, Inc. as follows: thru October 1, 2016 the charge is $75; After October 1, 2016, no deviations will be accepted. Deviation requests must be made in writing to the Chicago Seminars International office via fax (312) 332-5509 or email TRAVEL@semint.com. Once the deviation has been booked, these costs are non-refundable and any changes may incur additional costs. Students who deviate are responsible for providing their own transportation to/from the actual course location abroad, and for communicating their final itinerary to their study abroad office. Students from Augustana College, Elmhurst College and St. Ambrose University will receive further information on possible connecting flights upon acceptance.

Flight Deviations 2017 (PDF)

Flight Deviation Form

Your air ticket is issued as part of the total course cost. Regulations vary according to the different airlines, and many allow you to deviate from the group itinerary. If you wish to board or deplane in a city other than Minneapolis – St. Paul, please advise us immediately so we can work out the best fare and schedule. Likewise, if you wish to precede your group or stay on after the conclusion of the course, we can investigate your options.

Agreement – 2017

Agreement 2017 (PDF)

This Agreement shall be effective only upon receipt of my application by UMAIE, and shall be governed by the laws of the state of Minnesota, which shall be the forum for any lawsuits filed under or incident to this Agreement or to the Program.

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Transfer Request (2017)

2017 Transfer Request (PDF)

Please complete the attached form in order to make your transfer request.

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Course Orientation

Course orientation will include a self-study and on-line quiz to be completed early fall, a webinar on-line meeting in November and an on-site orientation session once abroad. More information on these components and the deadlines for completing them is available on the UMAIE website by clicking on the UMAIE Courses tab, then clicking on your course title and following the link to the orientation information. FULL PARTICIPATION IN EACH COMPONENT IS MANDATORY.

2017 Student Handbook


2017 Student Handbook (PDF)

We have put together this handbook to provide you with helpful information for planning and spending your time abroad. The handbook is also your primary study guide to pass your online quiz. There are excellent tips in this handbook, and it is organized in a way we hope will be user-friendly and straightforward.

Final Payment

Accepted applicants are notified of the final price during mid-October. Final payment is due before Thursday, November 3, 2016. Check with your home campus for payment procedures.


Personal expenses are the responsibility of each individual participant. Examples include but are not limited to: passport fees; airline checked baggage fees; excess baggage fees; local public transportation; departure taxes (except U.S.); optional entertainment and excursions; meals not indicated in individual course descriptions; individual room service charges; travel insurance; porter’s fees; laundry and dry cleaning; telephone and fax; personal gratuities; transportation to and from the course departure city.

Alternate Approved Airport Arrangements

Students from Augustana University, Elmhurst College and St. Ambrose University will receive further information on possible connecting flights upon acceptance.

Passports, Visas and Immunizations

All applicants must send a READABLE copy of a valid and signed passport to their campus UMAIE Board Member as soon as possible but no later than October 31, 2015. Passports must be valid at least six (6) months beyond your return date. If you do not have your passport by October 31, 2015, late fees will apply and/or possible cancellation from course may be required.

If your course requires a visa it will be stated in the course description. A country specific visa application will be sent to you 2-3 months prior to departure. Visa fees and processing for U.S. citizens is provided by UMAIE. If you do not have your passport by the October 31, 2015, and a visa is required for your course, you will be responsible for obtaining a visa on your own so that we do not hold up the group’s visa process. Students holding passports from other countries are responsible for obtaining their own visa.

Information regarding recommended and/or needed immunizations can be found at the CDC website: www.cdc.gov/travel/. If you are traveling to a destination that requires an immunization, the UMAIE Secretariat will inform you in a timely manner. Additional information regarding passports, visas and immunizations is available from your campus UMAIE Board Member.

Health Questionaire


Health/Medical (PDF)

The purpose of this form is to determine your health history and any special medical needs you may have when you study abroad.
Information provided will be treated confidentially. This form will be forwarded to your Faculty Director for the purpose of serving
you as promptly and correctly as possible, should you require medical or counseling services during your term abroad.

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