Flight Deviations (2019)

Course prices are based on group air arrangements. The air carrier may assess a service fee for individual changes. Not all airlines allow deviations on group reservations. In addition to the airline service fee(s), an additional fee must be paid to Seminars International, Inc. as follows: thru October 1, 2018 the charge is $75; After October 1, 2018, no deviations will be accepted. Deviation requests must be made in writing to the Chicago Seminars International office via fax (312) 332-5509 or email TRAVEL@semint.com. Once the deviation has been booked, these costs are non-refundable and any changes may incur additional costs. Students who deviate are responsible for providing their own transportation to/from the actual course location abroad, and for communicating their final itinerary to their study abroad office. Students from Augustana College, Elmhurst College and St. Ambrose University will receive further information on possible connecting flights upon acceptance.

Flight Deviation Form

Flight Deviations 2019 (pdf)

Your air ticket is issued as part of the total course cost. Regulations vary according to the different airlines, and many allow you to deviate from the group itinerary. If you wish to board or deplane in a city other than Minneapolis – St. Paul, please advise us immediately so we can work out the best fare and schedule. Likewise, if you wish to precede your group or stay on after the conclusion of the course, we can investigate your options.