T4939 – The Grave Robber, The Doctor and The Artist: Anatomy, Medicine and Art in Historical Europe (Preview)

Oxford, Bath, London, Florence, Rome
Faculty: John Pellegrini and Emily West
O1/01/2018 – 01/26/2018

This course visits England and Italy, where we will learn about the development of both the anatomical sciences and the representation of the human body in art by visiting sites relevant to the history of medical knowledge and disease, as well as art museums which showcase the profound shared history between art, medicine and the study of anatomy.

Academic Overview
In spite of our modern perception that art and science speak different languages, the two are actually deeply linked: both seek to reveal truths about the world that are hidden from the casual observer.  Nowhere was this more true than in the relationship between art and the anatomical sciences, where doctors and artists both sought to understand the structure of the human body.  This class will explore the history of the study of anatomy in the very cities that gave birth to the art and medical science of the Renaissance.  In Florence and Rome we will see the advances Renaissance anatomists and artists made when they began to dissect bodies and see for themselves (“autopsy”) how muscles and skeleton work together to shape the body, and see the work of Michelangelo and other artists who also demanded the right to participate in the dissections to inform their art. In England, we will tour the British Museum and the sewers that helped rid London of the plague, and visit Bath and Oxford to understand ancient healing practices and the development of scientific medicine during the Enlightenment.  Throughout our travels we will learn about the relationship between art and medicine in the study of human anatomy, and the intertwined development of the arts and sciences.

Program Fee
Cost: $5,480 – $5,780
*Each home institution may have supplementary fees in addition to the price listed.  Comprehensive Fee includes:  Transportation and course arrangements as indicated, hotel accommodations in twin and triple rooms, continental breakfast daily, one lunch and two dinners (subject to change).

No prerequisites required.

Required Readings
Majno, Guido.  The Healing Hand
Johnson, Steven.  The Ghost Map
Hutchinson, Matt. Brief Atlas of the Human Body
The Hippocratic Corpus
Several readings posted on D2L.  Students can print them out in advance of travel, or access them online in-country if they wish.

Ghost Map paper                                                                     12%
Sketching assignments (2)                                                       12%                           
Hippocratic presentation                                                                         6%
Art scavenger hunts (2)                                                                        12%
Breakfast paper/ presentation in advance of a site visit                          6%
Performance on anatomy exams (2)                                         24%
Vitruvian man lab                                                                      8%
Bath physiology lab                                                                    8%
Art Paper/PowerPoint                                                                 6%
Reflection Paper                                                                        6%

Attendance/Participation are expected and points will be deducted from the total course grade for absences.

Program Directors
John Pelegrini, Ph.D., St. Catherine University, (651) 690-6628, e-mail address: jjpellegrini@stkate.edu

Emily West, Ph.D., St. Catherine University, (651) 690-6069, e-mail address: ebwest@stkate.edu

Description of Faculty Directors
John Pellegrini has been teaching anatomy and physiology at St. Catherine University since 1994. He is a neuroscientist with research interests in the physiology of emotion. He is also interested in the history of medical science and co-taught this course in January of 2016.


Professor West has been teaching Classics, History and Mythology at St. Catherine University since 2005.  She loves teaching study abroad courses, and co-led a course to the Kathmandu Valley in January 2015 and 2017, and co-taught “Bloodletting” once previously in January 2016.


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Final Application Deadline: October 1, 2017

For more information on course content, contact John Pelegrini
On application procedures or logistical information, contact your study abroad office.