T5096 The Theatre of England

London, Stratford-upon-Avon
Faculty: Janice Pohl & Peg Cook
12/27/18 – 01/17/19

Theatre studies leap from page to stage, providing analytic and experiential learning opportunities, as students investigate historical and contemporary cultural roles of theatre in England.

Academic Overview
Explore the history and heritage of the theatre of England. Investigations include study of dramatic forms and styles, production practices, and theatre in performance. Work in the course includes historical reading and research, script analysis, performance/audience experience, and critical analysis and response. Attend a broad range of theatre in performance in London and Stratford. Productions at flagship national companies complement the productions of fringe and off-fringe companies. Explore the contexts of history, popular culture, theatre business and training. Trace history from medieval street pageants through Shakespeare’s Globe, exploring the culture which surrounds theatre practice in London’s West End and South Bank. Lively post-performance discussion encourages students to make connections between the world of theatre and the culture into which it is woven, both past and present. Note: There is a great deal of urban walking through ancient cities.  The cities are making efforts to adapt public spaces and new buildings for accessibility, but there are a number of older commercial theatres, in London particularly, that are not always adequately equipped for multiple needs. Similarly, there are at some theatres some accommodations for audience audio/visual support that won’t be available at others. Daily class timetables and public transportation schedules may require alternative or modified course plans, depending upon mobility challenges.

Program Fee/Cost
Program Fee includes:  Transportation and course arrangements as indicated, hotel accommodations in twin and triple rooms, continental breakfast daily, one lunch and five dinners, and 11 theatre performances. (subject to change).


Required Readings
Readings as assigned based on play performances that will be booked for the group.

20% – Daily academic journal entries, critical reviews, play responses
20% – City as Text & Theater Observation Reports (oral)
10% – Irish Writer Reports
10% – Class discussion
25% – Final Synthesis Paper  
15% – Participation, regular attendance (more than two missed group sessions of any kind will result in grade being dropped by one, then an additional grade for each additional absence) 

Faculty Directors
Janice Pohl, Elmhurst College (630) 617-3008 email: janicep@elmhurst.edu
Peg Cook, Elmhurst College (630) 617-3267, email: cookm@elmhurst.edu

Description of Faculty Directors
Professor Pohl is a director and theatre generalist whose production work includes a focus on costume design and technology. Her research interests include theatre education and interdisciplinary work in the humanities. She has also served as director and instructor for young people’s drama programs in Maine and in the Midwest. Courses taught include world drama, creative dramatics, acting and directing.  The Illinois Theatre Association has awarded its 2014 Award of Excellence in College/University Theatre to Elmhurst College faculty member and Director of Theatre.  This is the 6th time Ms. Pohl has directed or co-directed this course.

Ms. Cook has traveled several times to London, Stratford and Bath, both teaching this course during January 2013 and 2015 as well as in a tourist capacity with her family. In addition to being a faculty librarian at Elmhurst College, Ms. Cook holds a Master’s degree in Performance Studies from Northwestern University and has over 10 years experience teaching theater, performance, and speech communication courses. She is also the library liaison for the Theater program and the English Department at Elmhurst College, which gives her hands-on experience with the literature of theater as text and in performance.

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